Baseline Study



In 2019, a greenfields area, located in the district of Thunder Bay, became the subject of future development plans by a local mining company. CSL was retained as a consultant to conduct Baseline Environmental Monitoring that included project management, value mapping, hydrological and hydrogeological assessments at key locations in the area.

CSL Ltd.’s Role:

As part of the baseline environmental monitoring, CSL geoscientists and engineers were retained to conduct the following assessments:

  • Hydrological Assessment: the key components of this study include delineation of all the regional and sub-watersheds within the area, recording stream flows and water elevations in responses to seasonal changes.
  • Hydrogeological Assessment: the key components of this study include the physician and chemical assessment of the overburden and upper bedrock aquifers.
  • Value Mapping: the key component is set up wildlife cameras in strategic locations
    throughout the area to track the wildlife population.