Site Investigations

CSL’s team of geotechnical engineers have the capability to work with industry professionals and clients to complete accurate and valuable geotechnical investigations. CSL has the capability to help with various site investigations for various needs of the client.

CSL has recently acquired new CPT (Cone Penetration Test) equipment from A.P. van den Berg in the Netherlands, state-of-the-art, developed over 50 years, proven best in the world.

This equipment is ideal for MINING – tailings dam and surrounding mine areas, TRANSPORTATION – major highway and roadway, HYROPOWER DAMS – upstream and downstream and Construction –foundations, where soil is exposed to high and varying forces and additional parameters of stability analysis should often be measured. Determination of shear strength is commonly used to define soil Stability.

Factual/Design Reporting

The geotechnical engineers at CSL have the capability to complete various types of factual and design reports to suit a client’s needs. Importantly, CSL’s team of engineers have been fully trained and are ready to deploy CPT equipment on-site, provide testing services, high quality data acquisition, accurate reliable data interpretation and report results. Services are cost effective, efficient, and accurate results. Ultimately saving project cost, reducing risk of failure, and improving safety.

Field Fit Engineering Services

CSL’s team understands that difficulties may arise during construction and that these difficulties may require changes to be made. CSL has the capability to work with clients on field fit engineering to allow projects to be completed on time. CSL is just as comfortable on site working with clients as they are in an office setting. CSL has the ability to come to various job sites and complete inspection services.