Impala Canada – Plant Foundation

Civil Engineering

Project Summary

New Crushing Plant Foundation

CSL conducted and provided the geotechnical investigation report recommendation for the new plant. In addition, CSL provided field engineering support alongside material testing and field inspections. CSL’s additional roles in the project:

  • Project Management and Material Testing Cooridination
  • Additional Geotechnical Engineering Support; and,
  • Senior Geotechnical Engineering Review


CSL Environmental and Geotechnical Ltd. (CSL) has carried out mandates for Impala Canada Ltd. (ICL) over the past 4 years, ranging across several geoscience disciplines, from hydrological and hydrogeological, to the design of numerous water management structures around our site. CSL also provides ICL with on-going technical support for environmental and permitting compliance reporting and are a key partner in supporting our frequent fieldwork programs. Given the complexity of their contract scopes, and the criticality of their projects to ICL’s business, we feel that their knowledge, expertise and attention to detail have been key in keeping our compliance initiatives and our major earthworks projects on track.

CSL has consistently staffed its jobs with thorough and reliable people and have demonstrated strong technical capabilities to help solve complex challenges. They have been easy to work with, extremely flexible in responding to mandates that evolve rapidly in time and have shown diligence and care in supporting our long term objectives.

For all these reasons, ICL is proud to count CSL as a trusted business partner, and a key member of our technical team.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Toby Hofton, P.Eng.
Vice President of Environment, Sustainability & Tailings Management